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In this article, I will talk about my pet project Wordzzz, but I created an open-source extension starter kit Hello, Word, where I used the same technologies that I will talk about in this article. I want to share it with the community. Feel free to use it or contribute https://github.com/elcodabra/hello-word-sample

Russian version here — https://habr.com/ru/company/yandex_praktikum/blog/545664/

What will be considered?

The structure of the extension similar to https://github.com/ajayyy/SponsorBlock, because I was inspired…

Hi, very often every frontend developer has an issue using requests to the backend service. And sometimes we can’t use backend service directly in our development especially locally, because of the CORS problem. The problem can be solved in some ways, and in this article, I will tell about one of the solutions — using a proxy service for requests in Next JS 9.

If you are lazy to read the entire article you can find all Github gists at the end of the article 😉

First of all, we need to install proxy middleware for our requests. …

Hi there. I’m a trainer of Funny JS courses. In a workshop of Funny JS #3 (russian slides), we developed a simple application with React and Angular. Finally, compared them. This story also is a short migrating guide from React to Angular and Angular to React.

Okay, Let’s start.

0. Pre-steps

I used this versions of Angular and React:

Angular = angular ^4.3.6

React = react ^15.6.1

I created react-starter and angular-starter for hackhatons and small projects. You can create own app from zero (npm init, React CLI or Angular CLI) or download this app starter kits.

0.1) Styling

For fast styling we can…

I won’t say why it need to do, but if you want to do this just read my article.

Liferay 7 + React

You can choose one of methods to add you JS framework/library to your project. Custom method —using module loaders mechanism. Another way — using Webpack 2 + Gradle.

If you don’t want read about creating MVC portlet from scratch skip next section and go to section 2 or section 3.

UPD: Link to sources — https://github.com/sani-banani/react-liferay-portlet

1. Creating MVC portlet

Type command below and view available archetypes

mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=liferay

Select com.liferay:com.liferay.project.templates.mvc.portlet (Creates a Liferay MVC portlet as a module project.)

2. Configuring via Module Loaders

Using portlet structure in…

I’m assuming that you have an Angular project (version 2 or 4) generated with Angular CLI 1.0 or higher.

See the full project you may here — https://github.com/sani-banani/angular4-starter

Reasons to migrate from Angular CLI to Webpack:

0. Pre-steps:

0.1. Generating and serving an Angular project with Angular CLI (version 1.2.6).

ng new angular4-starter
cd angular4-starter
ng serve

More Angular CLI instructions is here.

0.2. Add some changes for CSS and add fonts and images.

ng build -prod

ng build -prod

1. Extract webpack file

Since Angular CLI v1.0, there’s the “eject” feature, that allows you to extract the webpack config file and manipulate it as you wish.

New hackathon, new challenge and new experience for our team “Angry Boys”. Early we participated in Angular Attack 2017 and you can read our experience here. Now we get a new challenge with React.

Demo is here. Our entry is below.

Smart Links

Make smart and memorable links for your long and uglify URLs.


Our service generates smart and easy to remember links from URL HTML title. And then replace some words with emojies. Finally, we get the smart link for easy sharing.

Future Plans

Built With

Our team is named “Angry Boys” participated in the 48 hour online Angular hackathon. Demo is here. Our entry and experience is below.

Text To Learn App

The app that helps you to learn and memorize a text, poem, song lyrics or presentation in a beautiful playful manner.

Welcome page

The Problem

You want to learn a text, poem, song lyrics or presentation? And it’s so boring to repeat the text over and over again to finally memorize it.

We had this problem many times since school years and tried to find a beautiful and interactive solution.

Our Solution

Now you can add your text you want to learn to…

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